воскресенье, 9 сентября 2012 г.

Composer is looking for job

So today I began an EPIC quest.
Codename "Job! Where are you".

It would be great to compose music for game. RPG or Strategy. So if you are a game developer - contact me via 1alexlouder@gmail.com If you need a composer and you are not game developer - yeah why not contact me too =) Soooo... I've made some music reels in different genres. Here they are:

EPIC REEL: Alex Louder - Epic Music Reel by Alex Louder 1

MYSTIC REEL: Alex Louder - Mystic Music Reel by Alex Louder 1

MEDIEVAL CALM REEL: Alex Louder - Medieval Music Reel by Alex Louder 1

ROMANTIC & DRAMATIC REEL: Alex Louder - Romantic Drama Music Reel by Alex Louder 1

FULL TRACKS: Full compositions by Alex Louder 1

So good luck to us all.

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