вторник, 25 сентября 2012 г.

About my job search

 Search of composer job in game industry is competitive thing. And you feel this when you are in search. Because there are manymanymany other composers who are already in-industry and have projects behind. It's kinda dissapointing when you get a mail saying "We currently have a composer". But! Good thing is that there are many game companies in the world. Thousands of games per year. Hundreds per month. And I think that there ARE place for me. One project in this eternal ocean of games.

 Yeah! I've found game composer job in one Russian studio (to be honest they found me from my resume). I can't say a lot of things. This is a detective quest. So it would be nice and interesting to compose for that kind of game genre =)

I've composed one track for this quest already. But this is secret *tsst* =)
Another thing - that I will be making sound design also for this game. Never did that. But why not?

About website. I'm too lazy ass to make updates on website. All this html things makes me mad. Not to mention the fact that I'm going to make russian version. Lots of work!

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